How to Benefit from (and Encourage) Impulse Buying

They say never go to the store hungry. You run in for a few items and you walk out with way more than you planned on. You grab a drink, or a new flavor snack mix by the checkout, or a bag of pretzels—all just to gobble down on the way home. According to a recent study by of 2,000 consumers, the average American spends $5,400 a year on impulse buys while at the store. And most, 71%, of those items are food items. Here’s how you can benefit from and encourage impulse buying in your store.

How To Sell More Through Impulse Buys

Stock by the cash register

It’s no secret that people make most of their impulse purchases when they’re waiting to check out. It just takes a moment or two for people to throw a pack of gum or a bag of snack mix on the counter. So stock those items there where they’re nice and visible and easy to grab. Keep kid-friendly items low where those little guys can see them and point them out to their parents.

Provide grab-and-go items

People want things they can put into their pockets, throw into their purses, or stuff into the cup holders of their cars so they can snack on the go. They’re often snacking instead of taking the time to eat a full meal, so have items that are prepackaged, ready to eat, and easy to carry along.

Slow down your customers

Most people are so busy, they try to be in and out of your store as quickly as possible. But if you can slow down their experience, they’ll spend more time in your store, and they’re more likely to make additional purchases. This might mean having a coffee service, a customized sandwich counter, or even a few tables and chairs for people to sit. If they have time to browse while they wait for something, they’ll probably buy something else. And if they’re sitting around, eating a sandwich or sipping a cup of coffee, they might strike up conversations with other customers about some other products and buy them. Or they might be inspired to buy something that they were wanting to try just because they watched another customer buy it. Peer influence goes a long way.

Offer healthy options

Chips and pretzels are always available everywhere, but more and more people are wanting healthier options, like hummus, fruits and vegetables, protein packs, nuts, trail mixes, dried fruits, and yogurts. Offer those options too so you can appeal to everyone who walks through your doors.

Looking to sell more?

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