And the Top Global Savory Snack Flavors Are…

Everybody loves a good savory snack. And people love to try new flavors. In fact, a recent Mintel survey found that 38% of consumers said the most important factor convincing them to purchase salty snacks would be a new flavor. In 2016, 83% of consumers reported that they snack at least once a day. Not to mention the fact that more and more people are replacing at least one of their daily meals with a snack. Here are the top global savory snack flavors.

What Are the Top Selling Savory Snacks Across the Planet?

1. Global savory snack flavors

Whether it’s chips or pretzels or popcorn or seasoned nuts, the top global savory snack flavors are smoke, vinegar, honey, spice, beef, pizza, barbecue, and chargrilled. Snack companies are falling all over themselves trying to please their customer’s ever-changing cravings. They want them to stay loyal, so they’re trying to keep up with the spicy demand.

2. New preparation styles

There’s a push for healthier ingredients. Suddenly no one seems to focus on low calorie or low fat—instead, they want simple ingredients with little processing, few preservatives, and fewer hormones and other additives. Consumers have access to roasted coconut kale chips, oven-roasted sweet potato chips, and roasted nuts. And all of those newfangled choices have options coated in those trendy seasonings, like barbecue, spice, smoke, and vinegar.

3. Healthier options

As the popularity of seaweed, ancient grains, and root vegetables continues to grow, other clean-eating options are becoming more and more available, too. We’ve seen canned sardines, chickpeas, legumes, turmeric, yogurt, fruit, hummus, and raw vegetable cups. And similar flavor choices are offered to meet consumer demands, like sriracha, barbecue, onion, and honey mustard.

4. Packaging is important

Since so many consumers are relying on snacks for their main source of daily nutrition, they want packaging that’s portable, shareable, re-sealable, and easy to eat in the car or in the office. Single-serve packaging is great—since most people are finishing their snack and then tossing or recycling the waste and don’t have access to a refrigerator to store it. And clear, transparent packaging is key. Consumers want to see exactly what’s in their food before they eat it so they know what they’re putting into their bodies.

5. Mister Snacks meets demand

With its wide range of snack mixes, trail mixes, and fruit and nut combinations, Mister Snacks is keeping up with the flavor trends for savory snacks. There’s Kansas City BBQ snack mix, Dragon mix, sriracha and wasabi nuts and peas, Buffalo wing nuts, Hot Cajun Mix, Louisiana Lightnin,’ and Texax Hots, just to name a few. Plus, with clear, portable packaging, consumers can automatically see what’s in their snacks and take it on-the-go with them.

Looking for top-selling snacks to add to your lineup?

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