How to Organically Add Better-For-You Snacks Into Your Lineup

The good news about healthy snacks is that they’re increasing in popularity. People are giving up greasy chips, saturated fats, and excessive carbs in favor of more nutritious protein and fiber, fewer additives, and whole, natural ingredients. And people don’t have to give up the savory, sweet flavors that they love and crave. Here’s how to organically add better-for-you snacks into your lineup.

3 Ways To Add Better Flavors to Your Snack Lineup

1. Keep the flavor

People love spicy, smoky, cheesy, and honey flavors, and Mister Snacks offers those same seasonings on their healthier options. Think peanuts, walnuts, cashews, and dried fruits with savory and sweet flavors. Instead of those seasonings on greasy chips and cheese puffs, customers can have them on protein-packed snack mixes, like Kansas City BBQ mix, Texas Hots, Cajun Snack Mix, Pepper and Cheese Pub Mix, and Buffalo Wing Nuts. Your customers will get the protein, fiber, and natural ingredients they’re looking for without sacrificing the delicious flavors.

2. Add some sweets

Most people crave sweets in some form or another, and you can certainly offer sweet snacks in a healthy way. Whether it’s sweet, dried fruits, honey-coated nuts, candy-coated chocolates, or yogurt-coated raisins, there are plenty of sweet additions to your healthy snack mixes to appeal to your customers with a sweet tooth—even those customers who are resistant to the health food craze. But the nuts and dried fruits have the protein and fiber needed to keep your customers energized and full throughout the day.

3. Graduate the health options

There’s a wide range of healthier options that are better and more appealing than your standard chips and pretzels. Rocky Mountain Trail Mix, for example, which features raisins, peanuts, and candy-coated chocolates can appeal to kids. Or you can have some of the more mixes which boast whole, natural ingredients, like Antioxidant Berry Mix, Finally Natural, Health Mix, and California Gold. Those mixes feature dried fruits, like cranberries, apricots, raisins, apple chips, and pineapple plus walnuts, almonds, peanuts, and sunflower seeds.

Update Your Snack Lineup!

Finally, your customers can have it all—delicious options that are also good for you. Some are sweet and indulgent and others are salty and savory, but all are better for you than chips, pretzels, and cheese curls. Whether they’re looking for non-GMO, organic, all-natural, paleo, gluten-free or just delicious, Mister Snacks has options that can answer all of those demands. For more savory options that can flavor your snack sales, contact our team today.