Why Packaging and Portion Size Matters to Your Customers

As the snacking industry grows and more and more consumers are skipping meals and eating on-the-go, people are looking for re-sealable packaging and manageable portion sizes. They want snacks that are portable, shareable, and convenient that they can wrap up and save for later. Or they want portion sizes that are single-serve portions that they can consume in one sitting. In fact, almost 60% of consumers say it’s important that snacks aren’t too large. Here’s why packaging and portion size matters to your consumers.

How Are Your Sales Impacted By Packaging and Portion?

1. Health matters

People love to snack, but they’re not doing so blindly. Some are still trying to lose weight, others are counting calories, and others just simply don’t like to overeat. Consumers who are health-conscious are going to feel a lot better about buying a smaller, snack-sized portion instead of a large oversized bag that puts them at risk for overeating.

2. Transparent packaging

With an increasing focus on healthy eating, people want to be able to see what they’re about to put in their bodies. Clear, transparent packaging is ideal for this. Consumers want whole, all-natural ingredients with no added preservatives and other additives. Low-sugar, low-sodium is even better. If they can easily see what’s in their potential snack, they’re much more likely to buy it.

3. Re-sealable packaging

Many consumers are interested in packaging that can be used again or sealed so the food can be preserved for consumption later. Packaging that’s durable, compact, and easy to use. So many people are eating on the go, they need snacks that they can toss into their bags, eat while driving, or pack up and save for later without spilling or spoiling.

4. Attractive and familiar

Like it or not, one of the first things that consumers look for is attractiveness. They want packaging that clearly identifies the product and the brand to help consumers find it easily. It’s like a last advertisement before the customer makes the purchase. What do they need to know before they put it into their basket?

5. Green and sustainable

As awareness about environmental concerns grow, many customers are making the conscious decision to purchase products with “green” packaging, packaging that’s been recycled or reused. They also want minimalist packaging without a lot of materials that waste resources.

Better Packaging – Better Sales

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