How to Cross-Merchandise to Maximize Add-On Sales

Cross merchandising is the practice of marketing two or more products from different categories together to generate more sales for your store. Instead of just purchasing one of the two products, your customers will be swayed by the power of suggestion to buy both. Some examples might be stocking beer nest to chips, hot dogs next to burger buns, or graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate bars in the summertime to remind you that you need s’mores. Here’s how to cross-merchandise so you can maximize add-on sales.  

4 Cross-Merchandising Ideas

Uphold a logical connection 

Pair products that make sense. If you force two products together, consumers will be confused, won’t know what you’re aiming for, and certainly won’t make that add-on purchase. Think of marketing cheese and crackers together or tissues, throat lozenges, and cold medicine during the winter months. And sometimes just pairing the items together won’t be enough, you’ll need to add some suggestion of how to pair them together, which brings us to our next point…. 

Craft your display  

Add signage and appropriate pictures to make it clear what your intention is. Add end caps, tables, mannequins, or a few examples of the fixtures so the consumer understands exactly what to do. For example, if you’re pairing nacho ingredients together, you might include a picture of the finished product or a clever sign that makes it clear. 

Keep the displays clean 

Aside from using the right fixtures, you should also neatly arrange the displays and clutter-free. Remember to keep it simple and neat. Less is more. If you make it too confusing with too many products, no one will actually buy the add-on products. 

Experiment with snacks 

Snacks are the perfect food for cross-merchandisingThey’re small and can sit neatly next to other products, like produce, granola, or cereal. Consider positioning dried fruits, nuts, and trail mixes near bananas and applies—they perfect combination for packing for a day hike or a camping trip. You can also place spicy and salty mixes next to chips and dips and pretzels, so people can pick out snacks for watching fall football or heading to a tailgate.  

Increase your bottom line 

By cross-merchandising, you’ll be able to attract customers and inspire them to realize what they need. You can also build customer loyalty, suggesting purchases and ideas they wouldn’t have had otherwise, enhancing their customer experience and adding value to their shopping trip at your store. It also makes shopping more fun and exciting, encouraging them to buy more.  

 Looking to boost your snack sales?

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