Strong Signage and Its Impact on Your Sales

Whether or not we realize it, signs have a pretty big impact on our daily lives. They tell us where to go, what to do, and—most importantly in this blog—what to buy. For retailers everywhere, signage brings in sales. In fact, according to a 2012 study, 76% of shoppers have entered a store they’d never been before based purely on its sign. A sign is your initial first impression of the store, making you hope for good quality products and positive interaction. Here’s how strong signage can impact your sales.  

5 Signage Tips

1. No sign keeps people away 

According to that same 2012 study conducted by FedEx, 50% of consumers say poor signage, either bad quality or misspelled words and typos keep them from entering a store. In fact, three-fourths of people say they’ve referred a business based only on the sign, without having stepped through the doors, because most people believe that a business’ sign reflects the quality of its products or services.  

2. Legibility is most important 

 Most consumers and businesses say that the most important characteristic in a sign is whether or not it’s legible. After all, a sign is the first impression that your customers have of your company. It’s continual advertising, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If your sign isn’t legible or has misspelled words, people are going to look down on your company, rate you as inferior or unprofessional, and won’t want to use your products or services.  

3. Put signs outside 

Signs attract people to your business, they make people refer their friends and family to your business, and they’re going to make snap judgments about your company based on the quality of your sign. Many people report that they like to see two to three signs outside a storefront. Those signs are memorable and enticing—an important part of your branding. 

4. Continue signs inside  

And those signs can continue inside the store, too. Use signs to introduce new products, remind your customers of something they forgot they needed, provide additional information about your products, or draw attention to promotions and sales. You can provide a quick blurb about a product or snack and some key adjectives to describe it, which is especially helpful when consumers are choosing a snack that they find intriguing, but that they’re not totally sure of.  

5. Change displays frequently 

People’s tastes change frequently so your signs should too—especially since new products and flavors are introduced all the time. Make sure your signs reflect that as you rotate your snack display and keep up with holiday and seasonal promotions. Refresh your customer’s shopping experience nearly every time you visit.  

 Looking to boost your snack sales?

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