Kosher Snacks Perfect for Any Hanukkah Celebration

Hanukkah is right around the corner and you’ll need to be prepared! Whether you want to treat your guests to certified kosher snacks or you just know that kosher is a code word for “healthier,” Mister Snacks has a wide variety of kosher products. Whether it’s Hanukkah or throughout the rest of the year, these kosher snacks can satisfy a diverse set of taste buds and keep all your guests full and happy. Here are some Kosher snacks that are perfect for any Hanukkah celebration.

A variety of kosher products

Some are labeled “pareve,” which means they’re vegan and contain no animal products and others, marked “dairy,” have milk products. And then we have packages that you can include in your “shalach manot” Purim basket. In fact, nearly all Mister Snacks products have some sort of kosher status, which is great because it means that there’s something for everyone—from sweet, indulgent desserts to tart dried fruits to hot and spicy crunchy mixes.

Pareve products

If you need something crunchy, you can choose from Buffalo Wing Nuts, Cajun Snack Mix, Wasabi Green Peas, Hot Cajun Corn Mix, or Oriental Party Mix. If you need something healthier, you can choose Almonds and Raisins, Apple and Banana Chips, Health Mix, California Gold, Tahitian Treat, and Cranny Banany.

Dairy kosher products

If you want to treat your guests to something spicy and crunchy, you can set out Louisiana Lightnin,’ Kansas City BBQ, Honey Mustard Crunch, or Game Day Mix. Or, when it’s time for something sweeter, your options are Butter Toffee Peanuts, Chocolate Peanuts, Chocolate Pretzels, and more. To your health conscious guests, you can serve Greek Yogurt Fruit & Berries, Fruit & Nut Granola, and Yogurt Trail Mix—which also has a touch of sweetness.

Host a fundraiser

Not only do we have gift boxes that are perfect for Hanukkah celebrations, we also supply lots of delicious snacks that can be used for fundraisers. In fact, many of our kosher products are used for events in different synagogues and other Jewish organizations.

Looking for Kosher snacks?

For more ways that Mister Snacks can help with your Hanukkah celebration preparations and other kosher snack choices, contact our team today.