Don’t Forget to Sent a Snack Care Package to Your College Student

College students need to eat! They’re busy running from class to class, staying up late watching movies and studying, partying with friends, and participating in activities. And they can always use more snacks to power them through. In fact, if you want to help out a college student you know, then sending a care package is the way to do it. Here are some healthy, indulgent, and savory snacks that you should send to your college students.

Don’t forget to send it!

This is a busy time of year, and everyone’s adjusting to their new schedules and routines. But the college students still need to eat! Hurry up and order your student a snack care package, which features twelve snack assortments that you can send to your loved ones for just $19.99 plus taxes and shipping.

Send your love

The care package has both healthy and indulgent treats, sweet and savory, spicy and salty. Everyone gets something they enjoy not to mention the protein they need for extra energy and brainpower. Plus they’ll have a sweet reward when they ace their next quiz. It’s a good way to keep their bellies full until they head home for Thanksgiving.

Healthy snacks

This Health Mix, with roasted cashews, roasted peanuts, almonds, apples, raisins, roasted sunflower seeds and pecans, might be a quick easy—and nutritious—substitute for a real breakfast. It also includes almonds, Cranny Banany Mix, which is dried cranberries, almonds, walnuts, banana chips, raisins, pumpkin seeds, and honey roasted peanuts and California Gold, featuring dried apricots, dry roasted almonds, apple slices, dates, walnuts, banana chips, pineapple, raisins, coconut and papaya.

Something sweet

For the college students with a sweet craving—which is probably all of them—the care package includes Gummi bears, Sour Gummi worms, Honey Toasted Peanuts, and Strawberry Honey Crunch, which is filled with dried strawberries, honey roasted sesame chips, strawberry flavored cranberries, almonds, honey roasted peanuts, raisins, and banana chips.

Salty and Spicy

And for when they just need something to munch on while they’re studying or binging movies, they can pick through Pepper & Cheese Pub Mix—roasted pepper and cheese sesame sticks, cheddar cheesy corn nuggets, chili lemon corn nuggets, nacho cheese corn sticks, pretzel twists, and roasted and salted peanuts and Hot Cajun Mix—hot Cajun corn sticks, roasted and salted peanuts, Oriental chili bit rice crackers, pretzel twists, and roasted soynuts.

 Looking for great snacks to send to include in a care package?

For more ways that Mister Snacks can help you keep your college student satiated and energized, contact our team today.