Wholesale Snacks Tailgaters Crave

Tailgating is a sport in and of itself. And like elite athletes, tailgaters need to keep their bodies fueled for many long hours standing around in the frigid cold. And the best way to defend a body against freezing temperatures is to keep snacking and adding on that extra insulation. The passion and enthusiasm that drives tailgaters is admirable. We should reward them by selling them the snacks they crave. Here are a few.

8 Snacks That Are Perfect for Tailgating 

1. Butter Toffee Peanuts

Not everything people eat at a tailgate needs to be salty and smoky and spicy. They need a little sweetness, too, which is why butter toffee peanuts are a great addition to a pregame party. Plus, the fiber and protein-packed into the peanuts will mean that game-goers won’t be hungry for hours.

2. Game Day Mix

It’s not a party without football-shaped sesame snacks! Throw in some cheddar cheese whales, chili pretzel treats, roasted and salted peanuts and you got yourself a really solid tailgate.

3. Hot Cajun Mix

What goes well with pre-game beers and sodas? A spicy, crunchy mix of hot Cajun corn sticks, roasted peanuts, oriental chili bit rice crackers, pretzel twists and roasted soy nuts that will keep bellies full all day long.

4. Honey Roasted Sesame Nut Mix

Back to a touch of sweetness when the spiciness becomes too much, this mix of honey roasted peanuts, honey almonds, and honey sesame chips has the perfect ingredients to keep everyone’s taste buds satisfied.

5. Corn Country Flax

Because not everything people eat on game day needs to be junk food. This mix of corn chips with flax seed, honey roasted peanuts, corn nuggets, and pretzel twists has just enough fiber and protein to make them wonder if they’re eating healthy, but with enough salty sweetness to make you keep going back for more.

6. Peanut Butter Pretzels

The perfect snack for both adults and kids! Some of those tailgating snacks—buffalo wings, ribs, and jalapeno poppers just aren’t made for kids. So if your customers are hosting some little ones at their tailgate, they can treat them to some peanut butter pretzels.

7. Kansas City Barbecue

Nothing says tailgate quite like standing around for hours at a time, smoking the richest of meats to the perfect tenderness. But since they can’t always drag their smoker or grill to a tailgate parking lot, Kansas City Barbecue mix is the next best thing. Corn nuggets, barbecue pretzel pieces and corn sticks, and honey roasted peanuts—is anyone else’s mouth watering?

8. Louisiana Lightnin’

Tailgaters need to dress warmly and protect their bodies against the frigid outdoor temp! Or they can just load up on hot, spicy flavors. This mix of hot Cajun sesame and corn sticks, honey roasted sesame mini chips, roasted peanuts, oriental chili bit crackers, and cheddar cheese sesame sticks. If there’s a fire in their mouth, they won’t feel the cold outside!

Looking for snacks that will be a win?

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