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While baseball is still known as America’s National Pastime, most people would agree that the honor really belongs to football. Americans are passionate about their teams, and they are also passionate about the snacks they consume during their games. As the teams and their fans get ready for playoffs, are you primed and ready with snacks that will drive sales through the end of the season all the way to the big game?

Is Pizza Being Dethroned as Game Day Snack King?

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Yes, people tend to think of things like pizza and wings when it comes to football, but Americans are snacking healthier these days. The thought of consuming pizza, wings, nachos and beer every weekend for some 21 weeks in a row is too much for even the biggest junk-food lovers among us.

However, football fans aren’t necessarily turning in their pizza and wings for quinoa and kale. People are looking for “best of both worlds” solutions that appeal to their desire to indulge without clogging their arteries or adding to their waistline. Given this shift, salty snacks like nuts are still some of the top-selling game day snack items among US football fans since they appeal to both the angel and the devil on football fans’ shoulders.

How You Can Capitalize On Customers’ Football Snacking Habits

Savvy stores should understand the changing habits of their shoppers to be prepared to offer their customers the savory, salty snacks they crave on game day while appealing to their desire to make that snacking as sensible as possible.

Mister Snacks has always had a finger on the pulse of American snacking trends to ensure stores can capitalize on evolving consumer demand. Mister Snacks is proud to introduce Game Day Mix that will appeal to football fans’ indulgent side without the guilt of potato chips and nachos.

Game Day Mix is delivered to your store in a shipper containing 72 4-ounce packages.  Customers can purchase packages individually or in a convenient 12-count box to serve to their family and friends during a game or to keep on hand throughout the weekend. Game Day Mix is designed for maximum convenience for football snacking.

Are You Ready To Earn Game Day Profits?

If you want to provide your shoppers with quality game day snack foods, Mister Snacks can help. Along with Game Day Mix, we have a wide variety of healthy snack alternatives and we can help you choose the fastest-moving, highest-margin choices for your market. Whether it’s nuts, mixes, dried fruits or exotic, crunchy blends with sriracha, Cajun, wasabi, barbecue, honey mustard or light and fat-free Asian rice crackers, Mister Snacks has you covered.

Are you looking for Game Day snacks that your customers will love?

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