Stouts Deserve Dignified Snacks

It’s hard to imagine tasting beers without simultaneously munching on some snacks. And vice versa—most snacks need a nice beer to wash them down. Stouts have a wide array of flavors in them, meaning that they pair well with a wide range of snacks. And since most stouts pair well with heavier foods, like chocolate, meats, cheese, and ox tail, you need some pretty sophisticated snacks to match up to the flavors. Here are some dignified snacks that your stout beers deserve.

5 Stouts That Are Easy To Snack With

1. American stouts

American stouts are dark beers that feature malt flavors, which create strong chocolate and coffee hints, but don’t have an overpowering hoppy bitterness. They pair well with heavy foods, like meat, chocolate, brie cheese, and chocolate. Mister Snacks has some chocolate covered pretzels and peanuts that would make a nice crunchy complement to the beer. And both Pepper & Cheese Mix and Game Day Mix has some version of cheese sesame sticks, cheddar cheese corn nuggets, nacho cheese corn sticks, or cheddar cheese whales that will stand up to the strong malt flavors.

2. American imperial stouts

Imperial stouts and ice cream make a great float, but that’s not always possible. They’re also a great beer to pair with warm, gooey brownies. Or you can try them with Mister Snacks’ chocolate-covered peanuts, pretzels, or raisins or, our Chocolate & Yogurt Bridge Mix. That fun, delicious mix has yogurt coated peanuts and raisins and chocolate-covered peanuts, raisins, and malt balls.

3. Oatmeal stouts

The oatmeal added to oatmeal stouts brings about a smooth sweetness, perfect for more chocolates and cheeses. Pair it with our chocolate treats or those Pepper & Cheese and Game Day Mixes for something both dignified and savory.

4. Milk stout

The lactose sugar in milk stouts add a sweet caramel or chocolate flavor to milk stouts, so they’re perfect to match with a cheesy snack mix and of course, those chocolaty treats again. Spicy foods, like Mexican, Cajun, or Asian cuisines, also pair well, so you could sample a milk stout with Louisiana Lightnin,’ Kansas City BBQ, Texas Hots, or Wasabi Mix.

5. Irish dry stout

Irish dry stouts are dark beers, black in color and with a bitterness that comes from roasted barley. Meat and cabbage is a classic pairing with an Irish dry stout, as are beef stews, barbecue, and burgers. Try one with Kansas City Barbecue or Texas Hots again, or something meaty like almonds or Buffalo Wing Nuts. Hearty and packed with protein, they’ll stand up to the strong, malty flavor that characterizes stouts.

Looking for great snacks that your customers crave?

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