Crunchy Mixes Your Customers Can’t Resist

There’s nothing better than a crunchy snack mix to satisfy your cravings and keep you full. And whether they like salty, spicy, or slightly sweet, Mister Snacks has the mix that’s right for your customers. Here are the crunchy mixes that your customers can’t resist.

10 Crunchy Snack Mixes

1. Buffalo Wing Nuts

You can’t get much spicier than Buffalo wings, but sometimes it’s hard to get to a smoker and a deep fryer, so these peanuts will have to do. Coated in a crunchy, hot and sweet flavoring, they’ll have your customers coming back for more.

2. Butter Toffee Peanuts

Or, if your customers are looking for that same protein-packed peanut but a little sweeter, they can check out these butter toffee peanuts. They’re just sweet enough, not too rich, and still savory.

3. Corn Country Flax Snax

For another touch of sweetness, Corn Country Flax Snax has corn chips, honey roasted, peanuts, corn nuggets, and pretzel twists. Protein and fiber help keep your customers full and the sweet, salty balance is sure to satisfy all taste buds.

4. Dragon Mix

For your customers who are looking for a little more of a punch with their munch, Dragon Mix has a spicy blend of rice crackers, chili-coated soynuts, and wasabi and barbecue seasonings.

5. Game Day Mix

When your customers are craving a more traditional, crunchy snack mix, Game Day Mix is the perfect answer. Featuring football shaped sesame pretzels and sesame sticks, cheddar cheese whales, chili pretzels, and roasted peanuts, it’s the perfect salty and savory sensation.

6. Honey Mustard Crunch

Honey Mustard Crunch is another great balance of sweet and salty. Packed with honey mustard and onion pretzel pieces, honey roasted sesame chips, and honey mustard sesame sticks, it’s a great, satiating mix.

7. Honey Roasted Sesame Nut Mix

A pretty delicious mix of honey roasted peanuts, honey almonds, and honey sesame chips, Honey Roasted Sesame Nut Mix is always a crowd-pleaser. And for your customers who are seeking some extra protein, it’s a win-win with those peanuts and almonds.

8. Hot Cajun Mix

But back to the spicy favorites, Hot Cajun Mix is a pretty mouth-watering combination of flavors. And what spicy foods lover could resist this hodgepodge of hot Cajun corn sticks, roasted peanuts, oriental chili bit rice crackers, pretzel twists, and roasted soynuts?

9. Kansas City BBQ

And since all your customers can’t head to the Midwest, every time they get a barbecue craving, meet them where they are and stock this fun combination of BBQ corn sticks, corn nuggets, bbq pretzel pieces, roasted peanuts and honey roasted peanuts.

10. Louisiana Lightnin’

This blend of hot Cajun sesame sticks, hot Cajun corn sticks, honey roasted sesame chips, roasted peanuts, oriental chili crackers, and cheddar sesame sticks makes a nice savory mix that will fire up taste buds—just make sure your customers don’t leave your store without grabbing a drink first!

Are you looking for great snacking options?

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