Tips For Selling Snacks at a Restaurant or Bar

Bars a great place to sell merchandise. Bar patrons are usually a captive audience, especially if they’re there to celebrate a particular event or watch a game. They’re seated at a table or bar for hours at a time, consuming alcohol and munching on snacks. Unless it’s a wake or their team is losing really badly, they’re usually happy and happy patrons are more likely to spend money. Here are some tips for selling snacks at a restaurant or bar.

Tips For Selling Snacks (and more) at a Brewery or Bar

1. Honor the event

If you’re going to the bar on a certain day because you know it’ll be more crowded that day, stay true to the event that’s drawing everyone in. It might be March Madness, St. Patrick’s Day, the Masters, Opening Day, or Cinco de Mayo. Whatever it is, you can totally play up that angle. Bring Mardi Gras beads on Fat Tuesday, candy and spooky paraphernalia on Halloween, or gear promoting the local sports team that’s playing that day. In other words, celebrate along with your potential customers! Festive people are more likely to spend money.

2. Use current events

Don’t just use sports and holidays—capitalize on other current events as well. If there’s an election coming up, bring something patriotic to mark the occasion. Or hold a mock election to have the patrons sample your products and vote on their favorite. Sell the winning item at a discounted price or offer free samples of it to celebrate the victory.

3. Promote food and beverage pairings

You’re in a bar, so pair whatever you’re selling with its perfect accompaniment. If you’re selling snacks, offer small samples of beer or wine that complement the treats you brought. Or, if patrons already have their drinks in hand, offer them snacks that pair well with their drink of choice. For example, if they’re drinking a light lager, an IPA, or a Corona, offer them something spicy. Meanwhile chocolate pairs well with stouts and fruity beers.

4. Sell brand items

Bring some items to sell or offer as free samples with your brand and logo on them. People will remember you better this way and will recognize your brand when they’re out shopping. Or offer something—a stein, bottle opener, coaster, or coozie—free to customers when they make a certain purchase. Those types of freebies earn customer loyalty!

5. Be a responsible brand

As a local establishment, you want your brand associated with a good time. So make it clear that you’re advocating for designated driving and other safe decisions. Bring some merchandise with slogans that promote securing a designated driver or drinking soda if you plan on driving. Or make it clear that a certain portion of your proceeds go to Mothers Against Drunk Driving or other groups that educate against destructive decisions.

Bars are a great place to sell snacks, but it helps if you’re prepared with some brand merchandise, festive gear, and a variety of products.

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